Trip to Zambia

Trip to Zambia 2020

Every year we arrange a trip from Denmark to Zambia, where you get the opportunity to visit VOTS,
while you travel and experience the beautiful and sunny Zambia. 


Experience the beautiful Zambia – from safari tours to the world known Victoria Falls. Zambia is a fantastic country, which awaits to be discovered and experienced by you. Prepare to experience the meaning of the word “muzungu”!


Learn different handmade techniques or how to make the zambian national dish, nshima; learn how to dance or whistle the Zambian way. And even more – be a student for 2 days in a Zambian school!


You will also get the opportunity to teach the VOTS youth something – you decide what you can contribute with. It can be that you teach them about song writing, or how to design something. Or how you can make a Danish/european dish – up to you! 

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